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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 19, 2014 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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give us back the money we need to accomplish the things that clearly we are demonstrating we are on the road to accomplishing. >> reporter: uc argues what the state gives them is not enough. that's why president janet napolitano proposed a tuition hike, an additional $612 a year. over five years, tuition for a california resident would increase from $12,192 to more than $15,000. >> we need a long term financial plan that will allow us to grow california enrollment, maintain our unparalleled financial aid program and reinvest in academic programs. >> reporter: governor jerry brown promised the university of california would get four years of general funding increases as long as tuition levels remained flat. today, he voted against the fee hike. >> there is money available. we are not talking there's a scarcity here that makes it
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impossible to live with. >> reporter: the governor is proposing the selection of a committee to find ways to reduce the university's cost structure. in the meantime, the speaker of the assembly said she would vote against the hike but would work to get the legislature to prove more funds. >> i think there are other alternatives. i think the system does need more resources and more money. i believe that when i put the legislation forward and i'm going to continue to work on that. >> reporter: in the end, the regents planning committee voted to approve the hike as protesters continued with their chant. the full board of regents will vote tomorrow. the proposal is expected to pass. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. a couple of notes about tuition. there hasn't been any increases in the last couple of years, but tuition has more than tripled since 2001 and since 2008, the state has cut its funding for the uc system by nearly half a
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billion dollars. traffic throughalong inters just a real mess this afternoon. all because of a ten-car accident that happened a couple hours ago. the cars have been cleared away but you're looking at a live picture showing the residual backup. five people were injured in the pile-up and were taken to the hospital. the accident blocked four of the five northbound lanes for a time. traffic through the area is still very slow, just as we are heading into the heart of the evening commute. the accident is believed to have been caused by the wet weather. a lot of folks said it started to feel like winter after rain fell on many parts of the bay area following many weeks of dry area. >> these people let their dogs enjoy the damp weather this afternoon during a break in the weather. many people kept dry under their umbrellas as they walked through city streets in san francisco. today's storm happened to be the first of three expected between now and saturday. >> in marin county, drivers turned on their wipers and most people turned on their headlights as they should as they commuted along all the
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slick roads. highway patrol reports there has been a slight increase in the number of crashes today. >> our abc 7 news team is tracking the rain on social media. you can show us the weather in your neighborhood, too. just add our #where you live to your pictures, post them and we are going to find them. >> abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel with the view from live doppler 7 hd. do you have your umbrella out? >> it's out. check it out. the umbrella's out but there is no rain right now, just very gloomy behind me. let me show you live doppler 7 hd. we will show you exactly what we are still picking up, some moisture right along the san mateo county coastline right now. from half moon bay, very light returns. in the east bay, some spotty showers around fremont, union city. it's just really low level stuff that we are going to continue to track. as you take a look at the rain totals, what a range.
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1.46 inches at tent field but only a trace around san jose and redwood city. oakland, 12/100. san francisco, 17/100 of an inch. napa, about 15/100. mount st. helena, almost an inch of rain. our radar is not done tracking the rain. we have two more storms coming. one of them will impact your weekend. i will be back with a look at the details coming up. all that rain today and the next days and weeks hopefully will help ease our drought but a backup plan is under way that could provide the same kind of drinking water used by the astronauts. it does have an ew factor, though. david louie joins us to explain. >> reporter: we all know how we are trying to conserve water during the drought and still, there's lots of water being wasted going down the drain in the kitchen, the laundry room and the bathroom. this plant is trying to prove that purified waste water is drinkable.
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it's a water plant where you never see any water. the water flowing through the pipes already has gone through two steps of treatment at a waste water plant. it comes here to go through three more steps and some day, you could be drinking the end product. >> water coming out of this treatment plant is already drinkable. however, there's no regulation to drink it right from the treatment plant here. >> reporter: this $72 million facility first does microfiltration removing particles as small as 1/300th the size of a strand of hair. it then undergoes reverse osmosis. this demonstration project like ones in san diego and orange county hopes to lead to widespread use of purified waste water some day for drinking. >> it takes some getting over hurdles in your mind to feel comfortable that this water is pure or maybe even purer than the water we are drinking from the tap today. >> reporter: water customers confirm they are not ready to drink purified waste water.
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>> just the connotation of drinking waste water, whether it's sterilized, sanitized, whatever, just doesn't appeal to me. >> reporter: astronauts on the international space station drink recycled urine, a process developed by nasa. it might be 10 to 15 years before we see widespread purified waste water in the drinking supply system but the people in this plant are so confident about the progress they made, they say the water coming out today is drinkable. the technology will also help us address drought. >> because it's drought-proof, it will be here for us in the driest period. other water supplies may be more expensive or may just not be available in those drought years. >> reporter: david louie, abc 7 news. president obama has just wrapped up a meeting with senior congressional leaders. he explains to them his plans to use an executive order to change the country's immigration laws. reports say the president will grant deportation delays to
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people whose children are u.s. citizens or permanent residents. this would affect roughly 40% of all undocumented immigrants. the executive order is not expected to include the parents of so-called dreamers, those who were brought to the united states illegally as children. also expected to happen, an expansion of work permits for skilled immigrants. that's of particular interest to silicon valley. police are looking for a burglar captured by security cameras breaking into the los panchos mexican restaurant. the man peers inside before picking up a rock and smashing the glass in the door. he breaks in and then rummages through the restaurant's office looking for valuables. the burglary happened on november 7th but authorities released the video today in hopes of catching that crook. an abc 7 viewer sent this video from her home surveillance camera. you can see the guys walking in and hiding their faces, suspecting there might be a camera there. halfway through they give up.
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one of them looks right at the lens. investigators say these men stole all the jewelry in the home. san jose police want to find the person responsible for a nine-hour standoff involving several children. two s.w.a.t. team -- the s.w.a.t. team finally fired two flash grenades inside the home on hayes avenue just before 7:00 a.m. they found a man, woman and seven children between 1 and 13 inside. police responded to an initial report of a man in the street with a gun next to a child. they believe the suspect slipped away soon after. this incident caused a brief lockdown at the oak grove high school. tonight, parents will learn if santa cruz high school will reopen tomorrow after a threat caused the campus to close today. the principal received a very specific threat detailing a shooting via e-mail last night. obviously very concerning. santa cruz police are working with the fbi trying to find the e-mail's sender. tonight's meeting begins at 7:00
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at the kaiser permanente arena. police in the north bay have a mystery on their hands. police today identified maria cruz bejar as the woman found dying on highway 29 in napa early sunday in the middle of wine country. police say she was apparently the victim of a hit and run. they say they have still not been able to notify her family who live in spain. police are releasing her name and picture in the hope that somebody knows what she was doing on the highway and who she has been with. pedestrian safety is getting new attention in san francisco t city's new effort to ensure people get to their destinations without harm. that's coming up. plus the largest outdoor bar in north america coming to the bay area. all part of a new sports stadium packed with technology for fans. we will take you inside for a sneak peek. and a new era has begun for jet blue. odds are travelers are going to hate it. female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight.
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we have breaking news right now in san francisco, where police are investigating the attempted kidnapping of a student on his way home from st. philip the apostle school this afternoon. school officials and police will not give any other details. they are confirming the incident happened and the boy apparently was not injured. we will bring you more information as we get it. one of the most lucrative deals in all of major league soccer is right here in the bay area. today, the san jose earthquakes announced a new name to go with their new home. abc 7 news reporter chris winn is live with the story. pretty exciting. >> reporter: it is exciting. we are live inside avia stadium tonight. you can see the lights are on and you take a look behind me, the progress that's been made in the stands and on the field.
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this naming deal is worth about $20 million over the next ten years and it comes as the quakes prepare to invest even more money into their new facility. just months away from opening day, the sound of construction as crews hammer away. on coleman avenue in san jose, a new look, a big announcement on full display. >> we wanted a partner that wasn't just a name on the building, that brought strategic value, and especially in this area having a technology partner. >> reporter: the quakes awarding the naming rights for their stadium to avia, a business communications company based in santa clara. >> we want to create a fan experience where the fans are communicating amongst themselves, to the players, whether they're in the game or outside of the game. >> reporter: the stadium will be the first mls venue to be cloud enabled rather than being tied to outdated apps or in-stadium tools that could become obsolete. company officials tell us they will use cloud technology to their advantage. >> we base it around
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communications, use of video, innovative use of cell and wifi technologies to help people communicate. >> reporter: cost for this stadium have soared. initially budgeted for $60 million, team officials have bumped it up to $100 million, saying it has nothing to do with cost overruns but more so with the upgrades they have been making. field level suites, high end finishes and what is expected to be the biggest outdoor bar in north america. >> it was a level of investment we thought was required to create a stadium for our community that will be successful, that would attract partners and sponsors like avia. >> reporter: thins is a privatey funded project. the quakes haven't said how they are financing the extra costs. despite the mystery, many people, players included, can't help but feel a sense of excitement. >> even if you know nothing about soccer you will get caught up in the passion of it. and with this atmosphere and this stadium, it will be a fun fan experience. >> reporter: chris winn, abc 7 news. >> here's a little more
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information. the international headquarters are in santa clara it has offices in korea, israel and the united kingdom. it is a business communications company that make hardware for things like video conferencing. their 2012 revenue was more than $5 billion. two bay area baseball players may be headed to the boston red sox. published reports say the sox have offered a deal to the a's jon lester and are getting ready to make an offer for giants pablo sandoval. you will be sorry to hear. there are no details yet on those offers but sandoval apparently wants as much as $20 million for six years, per season, that is. lester is believed to also want a six year deal for as much as $25 million a year. other teams are said to be interested in both players. san francisco's police department is getting some much-needed funding for pedestrian safety. the $210,000 state grant will be used for pedestrian and bicycle safety enforcement and education. it will support the city's vision zero policy aimed at
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eliminating all traffic deaths in san francisco by 2024. some 900 pedestrians are hit by cars in the city every year. a consumer advocacy group is demanding that pg & e return $29 million in money back to taxpayers. >> 7 on your side's michael finney is here to explain why. >> this whole controversy centers around embattled state public utilities commission president michael peevey, accused by the utility reform network turn of pushing through $29 million in incentive payments to pg & e. he says the payment was the award for pg & e's donation of $650,000 to one of peevey's pet causes. the commission approved the incentive payment despite the determination by the commission's own energy division that utility had not earned it. he wants the money returned. we contacted the cpuc but it did not get back to us with comment. san francisco based company
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has been accused of discriminating geagainst its asn american customers, saying they were unable to take advantage of sales or buy in bulk. it assumes all chinese and other asian customers will resell their product. the lawsuit cites an e-mail in which sephora acknowledges it deactivated certain accounts to prevent sephora sale items from being resold at higher prices. you may remember back in january, 7 on your side told a similar story from bay area resident cindy lu. sephora reopened her account after i contacted them and the 7 on your side report aired. we contacted them about the lawsuit and it told us the lawsuit significantly distorts the facts and their clients from a number of countries from around the world have been impacted. southwest is now the only u.s. airline that offers at least one free bag check-in for all passengers. jet blue today announced its
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passengers buying the cheapest level of ticket will now be charged a baggage fee. this is brand new. the airline says the new policy will generate $200 million a year. jet blue also announced today it is cutting leg room by 1.6 inches. that will allow it to add 15 seats to most of its fleet. southwest bags fly free policy has not changed and allows up to two checked bags, for free. there are of course weight limitations. one airline left. >> they can definitely tighten those seats up. >> oh, yeah. i feel like i have too much room. >> michael, thank you. new york governor andrew cuomo is calling this a historic storm. a year's worth of snow in two days and more is on the way. >> i talked with world news tonight anchor david muir about this storm. >> coming up, we will report from the scene, that state of emergency incredible. up to eight feet of snow before this is over. the pregnant woman carried down the highway.
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the drivers trapped. also, the state of emergency in ferguson, missouri. what we have learned about the grand jury tonight. a major new development involving bill cosby as well. we will have it all. >> i understand you have a story that will make a lot of folks jealous. >> yeah. it will make you ask why didn't i think of that. the one family and their made in america invention. it just made them $14 million richer. is your idea next? you won't believe this one. >> can't wait to see that. david, thank you. "world news tonight with david muir" is coming up right after this newscast at 5:30 on abc 7. >> stay tuned for that. now let's talk about the rain. >> you've got it on stand-by. >> here it is. in case you don't believe me. this better be on standby all this week, at least through saturday, because we have two more storms coming right now out here. it's great to see the wet roadways. drive carefully. let me show you the live doppler 7 hd and what it's tracking.
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still seeing showers coming in very light returns, but you can take a look for yourself as you look out towards the marin county area, also parts of the east bay, very scattered, very light along the san mateo coast, half moon bay, still watching some of that moisture. in the sierra nevada it has been falling as rain. in the tahoe area. but some of it has been switching over to snow at the highest elevations and i was watching our heavenly camera earlier. there were a few flakes coming in. here's a dramatic view from the lake tahoe camera. there is still rain/snow in the mix for thursday's system. not a whole lot. saturday's system, the snow levels will be really rising so even though we may see some snow it's not looking like a whole lot. temperatures low 60s from san francisco to oakland, san jose. 57, half moon bay. here is our view from the sfo cam. it is dreary, wet runways. sfo arrival delays continue of over two hours in some instances. call your carrier in advance if you are picking someone up.
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low to mid 50s from santa rosa to novato. 63 in livermore. check out what you will have to deal with. visibility is low right now in half moon bay. three quarters of a mile due to fog. watch out tomorrow morning during the commute. even though we are going to switch out of this slick roadway you are looking from the golden gate bridge cam, we will start to see the fog. showers diminish, fog tonight. brief heavy rain tomorrow. rain again saturday morning. here's the cold front that came through today and brought us some rain. definitely allowed you to pull the umbrellas out and get good use out of them over the next several days. a burst of rain on thursday, a rainy morning for your saturday. you see all the storms there. here's the computer animation. tomorrow morning it's the fog you have to watch out for at 5:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m., some heavy rain approaching the north bay. moderate to heavy at 2:00 p.m. across the heart of the bay area. then scattered showers for the evening commute. some of these could be briefly heavy. keep that in mind. behind it we will just see some morning fog friday followed by a
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lot of cloud cover. we will call it mostly cloudy for your friday evening as well. then light to moderate rain moving in early saturday morning, continues through the morning hours for the first half of your weekend. by noontime, the rain starts to taper and as far as the rain totals, we are going to take you right on through saturday morning. covers two storms, north bay mountains one to two inches. most lower elevations, additional quarter to three quarters of an inch. santa cruz mountains, three quarters of an inch to an inch and a half of rain. while we need the snow, it's just looking like a couple of inches for thursday above 7,000 feet. saturday is mostly rain, it starts out with very high snow levels and the snow level will eventually drop to 6,000 feet so we could see a couple inches by then. some of the resorts are opening friday and saturday coming up. keep that in mind. tomorrow morning, allow extra time for the commute. very murky due to fog. bundle up. take your umbrellas. you won't need it right away but later on you will.
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for the afternoon, we are looking at some pockets of heavy rain. temperatures in the mid 50s to the low 60s so even cooler. by the way, stanford and cal, big game this saturday, low to mid 60s, a chance of showers. it's actually looking a little better for the game. accuweather seven-day forecast, we will have that rainy saturday, dry sunday. monday through wednesday, we will go with sunnier skies, milder weather for that getaway wednesday right before thanksgiving in case you are flying out of our local airports and heading out for the holidays. dan, cheryl? >> sandhya, thanks very much. you can see what's showing up on live doppler 7 hd any time with the abc 7 news weather app. >> it's free on apple's app store or google play. we have more information at check that out when you have a moment. just ahead, bringing high tech to life.
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more than 200 girls from bay area high schools joined high tech employees to learn about careers using science, technology, engineering and math today. leaders from google, sales force and the cloud consulting company walked the students through the diverse jobs offered in the tech industry. the message to the young women, a computer science degree does not mean committing to a coding career. they say there are plenty of jobs to explore as tech companies diversify. >> there's a huge need for them. if you are a girl, there is a higher need to bring that balance into the work force. so there is absolutely a huge need. >> i think anyone can do whatever they feel like if you have a passion for something, it doesn't matter who does it or what gender. >> the event was so popular there was a waiting list to get in. people looking for jobs had a chance to get right in front of dozens of employers today face to face. private and public sector employers took part in this morning's silicon valley hire event at the biltmore hotel in
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santa clara. a lot of job seekers got to have face to face meetings with their potential future bosses. abc 7 is a proud sponsor of this event. for a lot of women the thigh area is one of those zones of the body that looks the way it does no matter how fit you are. now there is a way to deep freeze away the fat. freeze away the fat, really? kind of like liposuction without surgery. we will show you how it works at 11:00 on abc 7 news at 11:00 after nashville. a different kind of cookbook. >> on page 35 -- >> from red beans and rice to apple celery slaw. a comm
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when brands compete, you save! mattress price wars ends soon at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ coming up new at 6:00, the hunt for burglars caught on a home security camera, plus the house cats that were hardly heroic. also, san francisco is notorious for parking tickets but 7 on your side's michael finney explains why there is one
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you might not have to pay. all that and more coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. well, many cookbooks feature creative recipes of course but very few compare to what you will find inside a new cookbook released today in san francisco. >> the book was handed out at the civic center farmers market. it has recipes from tenderloin residents who live in single room occupancy hotels which means they don't have kitchens in the rooms so they improvise by making pancakes in rice cookers and omelets in a coffee mug. >> it can be difficult. you got to be very creative to learn how to work this. >> the recipes include options for preparing meals in microwaves, slow cookers or rice cookers. the book was created after the staff at leah's pantry noticed how well tenderloin residents cooked despite limitations of living space. they have to get creative, obviously. >> terrific. thanks for joining us. "world news tonight with david muir" is next. i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time.
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welcome to "world news tonight." the massive storm. now taking a deadly turn. the national guard called in. drivers trapped. the pregnant woman, carried down the highway. entire towns buried. eight feet of snow and more on the way. and the arrest outside the white house. the rifle, the ammo, amid a major apology from the secret service. and what the president is about to do on immigration. breaking news involving bill cosby, his new shows cancelled. and why. and the made in america invention that just made this family $14 million richer. you won't believe this one. good


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